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Swear Episode

The episode where the characters learn to swear, blah, blah, and then learn An Aesop on how it's wrong.

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In stories, a Compressed Vice or a Long-Lost Uncle Aesop usually pop up to try to teach you something. However, one of the most used Aesops is about swearing. This episode is all about dealing with swearing. If the characters(usuallly children)hear them from adults, expect denial, a Broken Aesop, a Sound-Effect Bleep, or if it is a comic,expect Speechbubbles Interruption. Also apparently, it is treated as an equal to Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking. Although sometimes, it's treated as worse because a Politically Incorrect Villain is way evil-er than a genocide-committing Big Bad. Righhht.
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