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Immune To Mind Control
A character who is unable to be mind controlled.
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This describes a character who is, somehow, immune to any kind of Mind Manipulation when other characters aren't.

Maybe he has strong willpower.note  Maybe he has superpowers or some Applied Phlebotinum that protects him. Maybe it's inherent to his species. Whatever the reason, this person is completely impervious to any attempts to mind control him. This could be a major plot point in an episode involving hypnosis...or it could just be dashed off as a joke. Those who are immune may exploit the fact by going to Pretend to Be Brainwashed.

It should be noted that in reality, nobody can be hypnotized unless they willingly submit to it, and even then they cannot be forced to do something that is against their moral code. And yes, there are also some people who just can't be hypnotized, period. One's susceptibility to hypnosis also is linked to how susceptible you are to the Placebo Effect.

Related to No Sell and Disability Immunity. Compare Intrinsic Vow: A person is immune to Mind Control that conflicts with one of their strongly held beliefs. Compare also Psychic Block Defense, immunity to telepathy. Contrast Weak-Willed and Hypno Fool.


Anime and Manga
  • Usui from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is unable to hypnotized because he does not trust anyone.
  • In Naruto, Killer Bee (and probably all Jinchuuriki) is shown immune to genjutsu (illusionary techniques) because of the influence of the Tailed Beasts sealed inside them.
  • Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu in Bleach can manipulate all five senses of anyone who sees the flash of light it emits when first released. Tosen, who is blind, is naturally immune to it.
  • Mikoto Misaka from the A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun thanks to her high bioelectricity content. She is immune to mind control and mind reading.

Comic Books
  • Rond Vidar in the Legion of Super Heroes cannot be hypnotized; his father is Universo, a villain with hypnosis powers.
  • In the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip "The First", Historical-Domain Character Ernest Shackleton is immune to the psychic paper. He mentions his wife once took him to see a music hall hypnotist, and that didn't work on him either.
  • Static Shock (in both the comic and animated incarnations) reveals the titular main character is immune to mind control whether induced by a psychic, or by mechanical means. It apparently has something to do with the Electro-Magnetic field he produces.
  • Magneto of X-Men has a Cool Helmet that prevents him from being mind-controlled. Definitely comes in handy when your archnemesis (Prof. X) is one of the most accomplished psykers in the world.
    • Cyclops was raised by the most powerful telepath in the world, married a second telepath (trained by the first), and dated a third telepath after his wife died. He's also has been possessed by several quasi-demonic evil entities on numerous occasions. As a result, he has built up amazing psychic blocks and resistance over years of training, to the point where he was able to take in a shard of The Void and lock it in a room in his mind, where it has yet to be heard from again. He was also able to keep a leash on the Phoenix Force for a surprisingly long time until The Avengers forced him to go full-on Dark Phoenix.
    • Emma Frost's secondary mutation gives her an organic diamond form. While it prevents her from using her own telepathy, it renders her immune to anyone else's.
  • This is downplayed in Savage Dragon. The main character has a Healing Factor that allows him to resist mind control after a time. If the same process is used more than once, he is totally immune. For instance, one story had Horde, a mind-controling worm, take control of him. Once he was free from his control, he was immune to Horde every other time they met. The same goes for other telepathic villains such as Brain-Ape.
  • The Punisher once No Selled a sexuality-based mind control power from two villainesses who ordered Spider-Man to attack him (something about his using his reptilian brain more than other brain functions).
  • The Hulk normally can't be mind-controlled due to the abundance of rage within him. The multiple personality disorder he suffers from has also helped. For this reason, his "Professor" incarnation, originally touted as a "merger" of all the other minds and lacking the others' rage, was vulnerable to mind control for these very reasons.
  • Sillage: Navis is unique among all species since as a human, she can't read thoughts or be mind controlled to any degree.

  • Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny (1996). Alan Rickman (as Rasputin) is waiting to see the Tsar, and is staring at his doctor (one of his opponents who regards Rasputin as a fraud). The doctor just smirks and says, "You're wasting your time. I can't be hynotized."
  • In the Star Wars series of movies, certain characters are immune to Jedi mind tricks, such as Jabba the Hutt.
  • In Rocky and Bullwinkle, Bullwinkle can't be hypnotized because he's just to dumb to fall for it. At least, that's what the narrator says.
  • In Good Will Hunting one of the psychologists they first take Will to tries to hypnotize him. Will pretends to recall an alien abduction for a minute, then jumps up and starts laughing.
  • Marvin the Paranoid Android in the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie isn't attacked by the spade-shaped things on Vogsphere that rise from the ground and smack the other characters in the face whenever they have ideas. Word of God explains that this is a psychic creature that feeds on original thought, which is why the Vogons have evolved to be exceptionally dull, and thus become the bureaucrats of the galaxy. Presumably Marvin isn't affected because of his inorganic brain.
  • The Twelve Tasks of Asterix: In this film Asterix and Obelix have to fulfill 12 tasks. One of them is visiting an Egyptian hypnotist who tries to make Asterix believe he's a wild boar. While other clients were easily hypnotised Asterix remains cool and unphased and distracts the hypnotist by asking him silly questions which break the man's concentration. Eventually he is so confused that Asterix makes him believe he is a wild boar, whereupon the hypnotist leaves the room grunting on all fours. Thus the task is fulfilled.

  • In the original The Jungle Book Mowgli (being human) seems to be the only creature in the jungle who's immune to Kaa's hypnosis. Try telling Disney that.
  • In Carpe Jugulum Agnes and Mightily Oats are able to resist the vampires' hypnosis because of their split personalities.
  • A minor character whose car the Master steals in the Doctor Who Past Doctor Adventures novel Face of the Enemy can't be hypnotised. So the Master kills him instead.
  • In The Demon Headmaster, the five founding members of SPLAT (Lloyd, Harvey, Ian, Mandy, and Ingrid) are somehow immune to the Headmaster's hypnotic powers. As such, they are exempt from the assemblies (which the Headmaster uses as mass-brainwashing sessions), and sit in detention with the prefects watching over them instead.
  • On at least two occasions in the Artemis Fowl series, Artemis wears mirrored lenses to protect himself from the fairies' Mesmer power (which requires direct eye contact with the Mesmered individual). Butler is also able to shake off a Mesmer by Heroic Willpower when ordered to do something against his will, though the effort causes him to suffer a near-fatal heart attack.
  • In The Lord of the Rings, the Ring does not strictly control minds, but it does have a strong ability to warp whoever is wearing it into an evil mutant of what they once were. Not Tom Bombadil, however. Tom is a very, very old being who is not impressed by the Ring at all, and casually plays with it before handing it back to Frodo.
  • In Larry Niven's Known Space universe the Bandersnatchi were created as a food source for the the mind-controlling Thrintun by one of their subject races. They were also created as spies immune to the Thrintun's powers. The result was that they were pretty much the only vertebrates to survive the Slavers' mass-suicide command and therefore the oldest sapient race in the galaxy by at least a billion years.
    • Pak Protectors are also immune to Thrintun control, due to their multilobed brain structure. A Thrintun who thinks it's controlling one actually only gets one of the Protector's five brain lobes, reducing its irresistible commands to optional suggestions.
    • Black Priest kzinti are immune to telepathy due to the same gene that gives them their eponymous fur color.
  • In Rivers of London, Peter Grant has built up a near-total resistance to glamours, due to literally every supernatural creature he meets trying to magically compel him in some fashion or another.

Live-Action TV
  • In the Dick Van Dyke Show episode "My Husband is Not a Drunk" Buddy really can't be hypnotized, although he plays along for a couple of minutes. Rob however acts the Hypno Fool.
  • Played with in an episode of Leave It to Beaver, where Eddie Haskell pretends to be hypnotized by the Beaver; true to form, the writers knew that no one can be hypnotized against their will.
  • In True Blood vampire compulsion doesn't work on Sookie.
  • In Vampire Diaries ingesting/wearing vervain protects from vampire compulsion.
  • Doctor Who
    • In the episode "Time-Flight", Professor Hately is immune to the Mass Hypnosis going on by virtue of dogged skepticism.
    • In the audio drama "The Cradle of the Snake", one character is immune to the Mara, which mind-controls people by feeding on their dreams.
    That character: I never really have dreams.
    • In "Trial of a Timelord", the Master tries to hypnotise Glitz using the popular hypnotic pendulum. Unfortunately Glitz is just too focused on the monetary value of the shiny thing to be actually hypnotised by it.
    • In the new series, certain trained individuals such as the members of Torchwood or troops of the Papal Mainframe, as well as sufficiently brilliant people (William Shakespeare) and certain races (the Ood) are immune to the effects of psychic paper.
  • On Forever Knight Nick and other vamps use a Jedi Mind Trick to keep up The Masquerade, but some people are naturally immune, unrelated to any other character quality (intelligence, strong-mindedness, etc.). Those are the ones who become Secret Keepers, get turned, or are killed.
  • The Mentalist. Jane needs to get into a locked & guarded room to talk to a prisoner, but the guard can't be hypnotized, so he resorts to sleight of hand to steal the guy's keycard instead.
  • An episode of Star Trek: Voyager shows a humorous subversion. Someone attempts to hypnotize the Doctor. He calls this ridiculous, because being a hologram rather than a real human, he can't be hypnotized of course. Yet, it succeeds almost immediately. (Perhaps because all this happened within a holo-simulation itself.)
    • Voyager encounters a creature in space that lures starships in so it can eat them by showing the crews what they want and leading them down its gullet. Voyager's crew see it as a wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant, except for the doctor, Seven-of-Nine, and Naomi Wildman. The Doctor is a hologram, of course, Seven is apprehensive about returning to Earth, and Naomi was born and raised on Voyager so she considers it home more than Earth. In this case, they start to fall under its control later when they're trying to escape, and keep thinking they're getting out when they're really going further in.
  • In Wings, Roy Bigguns uses this strength to his advantage, pretending to be hypnotized to trick others into doing his work for him.
  • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Maquis, Part II", Gul Dukat no sells an attempt by a Vulcan to mind-meld with him to mine information from him, which he puts down to Cardassian mental discipline.
  • In the final story of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the titular journalist has an interview with a man who is actually a hologram being controlled by aliens. One of the things the aliens can do with the hologram is use it to hypnotise people. So they try to use hypnosis on Sarah Jane. However, Sarah Jane has had experience with hypnosis before (when she was still the Doctor's companion), and has learnt to prevent herself from being hypnotised.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • In an episode where the entire crew is brainwashed into believeing they're at war with another species, Data (who is immune) is deactivated by the same wave which brainwashes them.
    • In another episode where the entire crew is brainwashed into an unprovoked attack, Data (who is immune) is deactivated by a brainwashed crew member.
  • In Alphas Gary's autism makes him immune to mind control Alpha powers such as Nina's Compelling Voice. Something about his brain being too rigid.
  • Late in the fifth season of Babylon 5, Lyta Alexander demonstrates the ability to mind control an entire room when station security comes to arrest her, claiming, "you cannot stop one who has been Touched by Vorlons". Then Sheridan comes up behind her with a gun, seemingly unaffected since he, too, has been touched by Vorlons, and threatens to blow her skull off.

  • For The Spirit Of Creation: Lilith, being the Scion of Free Will, has this (although she says isn't sure it will work against a being as powerful as the Enslaver). In fact, even using mind control on other people in her vicinity is a bad idea - not only does she have an aura that boosts the willpower of everyone nearby, but she has an attack that, when used on a mind-controlled person, doesn't hurt them, but damages the person controlling them (as well as possibly breaking them free).

Tabletop Games
  • All Demon hosts in Demon The Fallen are immune to all mind-controlling effects including hypnosis, thanks to being already possessed by a demon. They are still susceptible to I Know Your True Name, however.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons, plants, slimes, insects, Golems and The Undead are immune to hypnosis and all other mind-effecting magic.
    • In 3rd Edition, the spell Mind Blank did this as well as provide some immunities to divination.
  • Warhammer 40K: Some characters are immune to psychological effects, whether by possessing the heart of a possibly divine being or being blessed by the magic-hating god of war.
  • Shadowrun
    • Paranormal Animals of North America. The Fideal is basically a magical jellyfish. Because it doesn't have a brain, it is immune to Control Manipulation (mind control) magic.
    • Paranormal Animals of Europe. The Corps Cadavre zombie is immune to all forms of magic that control or influence the mind, including spells and Awakened creature powers.

Video Games

Web Comics
  • In Minion, the vampire Prince Charming Wannabe Count Antonie tries to use his Hypnotic Eyes on Meryl, with predictable results.
    Meryl: [PUNCH] "I'm a dark witch you moron! Did you honestly think I didn't know about that stupid 'Hypno-Eye' of yours?!"
  • Homestuck: Vriska finds out that humans are immune to her mind control powers. Presumably this is because troll and human brain waves just don't jive very well. Instead, attempting to control John, and the others just makes them fall asleep. This ends up being used as a gag a few times.

Western Animation
  • In the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode where Eddy tries hypnotizing everyone in the cul-de-sac, his attempts to hypnotize Lee Kanker don't work. Why? "I eat my roughage!". In the same episode, Eddy tries to hypnotize Johnny, but fails. However, it works on Plank.
  • In Teen Titans Cyborg can't be controlled by Brother Blood because half of his brain is electronic.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "The Return of Harmony Part 1", Discord hypnotizes the Mane characters into acting contrary to their Elements of Harmony by taking advantage of their weaknesses (e.g. showing Applejack, the element of honesty, a future she can't believe and claiming it's the truth, making Pinkie Pie (element of laughter) think her friends are laughing at her rather than with her). However, Fluttershy is the only one who doesn't fall for his tricks. Subverted in that she is hypnotized by brute force by Discord.
    • In the animated feature film My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks, The Dazzlings hypnotize the entire school with their enchanted singing, including Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, into turning the initially friendly musical showcase into a Battle of the Bandsnote . However, the Rainbooms, thanks to the the magic of friendship and the instruments that they play, are the only ones in the school who aren't mind-controlled into showing animosity towards their schoolmates; in fact, they devise a plan to try to break the Dazzlings' spell on the rest of the school. Double Subverted into that, due to their arguing over little things along the way, the Rainbooms almost fall into the trap of turning on each other and showing ill-will amongst even each other, thus giving the Dazzlings more energy, until Sunset Shimmer tries to reconcile them and bring the band back together again.
  • The Awesomes: Both Mr. Awesome and his son Prock have a natural immunity to mind control (the one power Prock inherited.) Teleportation Larry also turns out to be immune to Malocchio's mind control eyes, but only because his constant inebriation makes him unable to focus his vision.
  • The season 2 finale of Strange Hill High has the villainess of the week (Terpsichore) use hypnosis against the students. During the episode, Mitchell and Becky discover that the only other student (aside from themselves) who has not been hypnotised is Matthews. He explains to Mitchell and Becky that for some reason, Terpsichore's hypnosis did not work on him.
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