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Dark Science Fiction
Dark Fantasy...IN SPACE
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Dark Science Fiction is the futuristic cousin of Dark Fantasy, a futuristic setting meeting a Crapsack World. While there are certain specific genres such as post apocalyptic, Cyberpunk. There is often shared themes within all of them

Technology is seen as a result of unethical science done to make certain things possible and even then the end result is less than perfect, augmentations that eats away at one's humanity, genetic research that is often done for the sake of war and profit and against the subject's will, sentinent robots that have nothing but contempt for the creator. Abusive Precursors are often the norm as the local Cargo Cult will stop at nothing to learn more about the tech they left behind.

In terms of galactic politics, often there a endless conflict between the civilizations. While democracies and republics exist in this fiction, they are often subtly corrupt and profit driven and even the genocidal empire is a seemingly better alternative. Wars of extinction is not uncommon in this galaxy and entire planets are often put to the sword to ensure victory. Otherwise it is a fight to be the new figurehead of the old empire that had fallen eons ago.

Heroes in Dark Science Fiction are the antithesis of the Kirk and Picard Archtype, violent and ammoral. They are battleharded commanders who had to toss away countless of lives to save the galaxy more than once or just delay the ineveitable. Spends their spare time drinking and having sex in various parts of the ship rather than discussing philosophy over tea and coffee. Their relationship with the crew is tenuous at best as they get into fights over almost everthing.

Examples of recent Dark Science Fiction include
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