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El Spanisho
You Fail Foreign Languages Forever
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Someone who speaks English (usually an Anglo-North American, very occasionally an Australian, New Zealander, or British person) mocks a foreign language - or even tries to speak that language - based on stereotyped ideas of what that language sounds like to English speakers.

This can be understandable, such as trying to "speak French" by saying "Ooh la LA!" when in fact it is "OH la la", with the accent on the first syllable (and anyway, that expression is hardly as ubiquitous in French as Anglophones seem to think). Or it can be vaguely absurd, such as when someone mocks Chinese by calling it "the ching-chong language, even though the chong phoneme doesn't even exist in Mandarin. Finally, it can be completely indefensible and stupid, such as when (as the trope title suggests) a character tries to speak Spanish but simply puts an -o on the end of certain words ("I need a ride in your el trucko to the next towno)."

See also Its Pronounced Tropay and Eagleland. The exact opposite trope is "El Niņo" Is Spanish for "The Niņo".
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