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Bluebird Of Happiness
A bluebird symbolizes happiness.
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Feeling blue? Don't! Look, there's a bluebird perched there!

Perhaps it's because they're a shade of Heavenly Blue, but bluebirds are symbols of happiness -- and this indeed, covers several entirely different species of songbirds, as long as they have blue feathers.

A common plot is to go on The Quest for one only to return home empty-handed and find it was already there. (Outlining the Aesop that home is where you will find happiness is optional.) Besides this MacGuffin status, they can also be local color, but because of the symbolism, they are seldom the Loyal Animal Companion.


Film -- Animated

Film -- Live Action
  • In Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Maid Marion encounters a "happy little bluebird" as she sings about finding her true love.
    "Oof! That happy little bluebird has left a happy little doo-doo on your hand."
  • The Sesame Street film Follow That Bird subverts this. The captured Big Bird, painted blue by the Sleaze Brothers, is anything but happy.
  • The English dub of Sadko has "Sinbad" searching for the Bluebird of Happiness to bring joy to his homeland. He finds a magical bird, but it only brings sleep with its song, not happiness, resulting in the classic "happiness was home all along" ending.
  • Five Hundred Days Of Summer homages this during a (rather hilarious) scene where Tom is having a musical-like fantasy of victorious happiness after the first time he has sex with Summer. People in the street smile and shake his hand as they congratulate him, dancing in joyous celebration, and a little animated bluebird lands on his finger.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Eddie's return to the bright and cheerful Toontown has little bluebirds chirping greetings.

  • Parodied in Hogfather, when the Cheerful Fairy manifests with the Blue Bird of Happiness on her shoulder. It's a blue chicken.
  • In the book and movie of K-PAX, prot exhorts his fellow asylum inmates to find the "blue bird of happiness," and they eventually glimpse a literal one.

Live-Action TV
  • Klinger from M*A*S*H once went for it in Flowery Insults: "May the Bluebird of Happiness leave a surprise in your orange juice!"

  • The vocaloid song "Desert Bluebird" by mothy is about two sibling going to search for a bluebird that can grant any wish, in a world After the End, destroyed by (apparently) a nuclear war, As it turns out they DO find the bluebird but it was in an old nuclear base, the radiation makes the older sister die, and the younger brother wishes to the bird to revive her, it does, and then dissapears the song end with the sibling saying that they should rebuild the world with their own hands
  • There was a hit song in 1934 called "The Bluebird of Happiness" which, according to The Other Wiki, is probably the origin of the American phrase (though the concept is much older in Europe).
  • The lyrics of the They Might Be Giants song "Birdhouse in Your Soul", by John Linnell, include the phrase "blue bird of friendliness."

Newspaper Comic
  • The Far Side had one strip where a man is abandoned by the Bluebird of Happiness, and is instead visited by the Chicken of Despair.
  • There was a Pearls Before Swine Sunday comic where Pig receives a visit from the Bluebird of Happiness, which makes Pig really happy since he never received a visit from such a bird. Subverted afterwards, when it turns out that the Bluebird actually had the wrong address, because he held the directions upside-down, and was really looking for Joseph C. Skalabonsky, so he flies away, leaving Pig sad and alone once again.


Video Games
  • There's a level with a "red bird of happiness" in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • * Tokimeki Memorial 2 has, among its numerous Image Songs, one called "Aoi Tori" (Blue Bird). It's a Kaori Yae image song, in which the blue bird is the symbol of the main protagonist, who came into Kaori's wounded heart, telling her she's not alone, and bringing her happiness and love.
  • The Earthbound theme song "Pollyanna" has the following verse:
    I believe there'll come a day
    Maybe it will be tomorrow.
    When the blue bird flies away
    All we have to do is follow (it).
    I believe a dream can still come true,
    Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

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