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No Casualties Run
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I didn't see this on Self-Imposed Challenge.

This is where you try to make sure there are absolutely minimized, if any, casualties. This may extend to enemies for a technical Pacifist Run included.

  • Fire Emblem. Just Fire Emblem.
  • Pikmin
  • Nintendo Wars, particularly Battalion Wars but it can apply somewhat to the turn-based games themselves.
  • Many RP Gs, since their nature makes a No Damage Run almost impossible. This is the closest you can get.
  • Some players of Pokémon will regard the virtual monsters humanely and attempt to keep them from fainting at all costs. After the first generation this is rewarded by increasing your Pokemon's friendship with you (or at least keeping it level; letting it faint will kick it down a notch) which affects the power of its Return move if it's learned it, and in some cases allows it to evolve into a more powerful form.
  • In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, killing too many civilians during the course of the game will result in an alternate ending.
  • Trivially easy to do in Final Fantasy Tactics, since you have three turns to save your allies from being Lost Forever.
  • Lemmings, where you try to get 100% every level - even when you only need 5%
  • Overlord II sort-of has this as the 'Domination' run-through, where you have to completely enslave a pair of cities... if you accidentally kill even a SINGLE citizen, you cannot achieve 100% Domination.
  • The point of the Hero equivalent to Chaos Runs in City of Heroes. Surprisingly, this can sometimes end up being necessary for villains.
  • Knights in the Nightmare can attract this. Same with 100% recruitment.
  • Some of the more recent Sonic the Hedgehog games have missions such as "Don't injure the townspeople," and "Don't break anything."

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