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Evil Badass
The villainous form of Badass
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The Evil Badass is basically a villain or antivillain who is able to kick the heroes' butt physically or morally, or even kill them. He seldom gets jailed, this if he doesn't have the power of money to never get jailed. Also he is everything except a punchbag to the hero. Indeed, sometimes the hero becomes a punchbag to him.


Comic Books


  • Deathstroke was the worst nightmare of the Teen Titans and kicked the butts of the Justice League, being considered the villainous counterpart of Batman in the pre-New 52 continuity. He indeed killed a dozen of heroes.
  • Speaking of Batman, The Joker is a pain in his ass, Bane BROKE him and Ra's Al Ghul is mighty enough to defeat him anytime.
  • Lex Luthor has the power of money and knows the only way of Superman defeat him is killing - what Supes will never do.
  • Darkseid is one of the few vilains strong enought to kill Superman with his own hands. Doomsday really did it once.
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