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The original member of a line of monsters. Thus the oldest, and, often, the strongest of the line. Likely to be the top Monster Lord. In some settings it is possible that killing him would cause all of his line to be exterminated (or, if each of those monsters Was Once a Man, return them to normal). It is common for the Monster Progenitor not to have the Kyptonite Factor or Weaksauce Weakness of his descendants.

Just how the Monster Progenitor came to be can vary. Maybe he has always been, or was created by god. Maybe he Was Once a Man and was cursed or changed. Similar, how the reproduces can vary. Maybe he does it the old fashioned way, or via The Virus, for which he is Patient Zero.

Dracula is very often made into the Monster Progenitor of vampires.

Related to Mother of a Thousand Young. Unlike her, however, the monster progenitor always is the same species as his descendants. He may be tougher, but he shares many of the same basic traits, while Mother of a Thousand Young may have nothing in common with her descendants.

The biological equivalent of Super Prototype. Related to Hive Queen, Mother of a Thousand Young and Stronger with Age.


  • Dracula in Blade Trinity is said to be the ancestor of all vampires. Of course, he's also the strongest.
  • Supernatural's season 6 involves the Winchesters tracking down Monster Progenitors, also refered to as Alphas. Alphas do not typically have the weaknesses of their children, and may share some telepathic connections to them.
  • In Underworld, William Corvinus is the Progenitor of all Lycans. Markus Corvinus, his brother, is the progenitor of all Vampires. Unlike other Lycans, William cannot change back to a human. Markus, unlike other vampires, is capable of changing form to that of a vampire with bat wings, giving him flight.
  • In Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, Akasha is the first Vampire, and the progenitor of all of them. She became a vampire when a demon entered her body and fused with her flesh.
  • In Pokémon, the Poke-God Arceus is appropriately titled "The Original One" since its the first Pokemon to ever exist.
  • At the end of Gojira, one of the main heroes suspects that Godzilla may be just the first of his kind. Cue the sequel, Godzilla Raids Again, and it's revealed that he's right as another Godzilla shows up.
  • Cain (as in the biblical one) is the progenitor of all vampires in The World of Darkness
  • The film Howling 2 features the queen and original werewolf Stirba.
  • Futurama features the original Were-car, Project Satan, who is the origin of the curse of all Were-cars.
  • The Biblical murderer Cain is a Monster Progenitor by implication in the epic poem Beowulf, as both Grendel and his mother are said to be his descendants. Grendel's mother is a more direct example in the same work.
  • The Marvel Universe has quite a few of these: Varnae is the first vampire, created by dark magic; various demons like Chthon and Set are the progenitors of monstrous races like the N'Garai and the Serpent Men; and the demonic villaness Lilith, who resembles folkloric namesake in having a legion of supernaturally-powerful children called the Lillin.
  • While many of the demons are actual examples of Fallen Angels, others are the spawn of Lucifer/Satan and his daughter Sin, making them Monster Progenitors.
  • In the Wolverine Story Arc "Old Man Logan" Bruce Banner is the progenitor of the Hulk Gang.
  • In the Nasuverse, Crimson Moon can be considered the progenitor of True Ancestors and through them, of all vampires. While he didn't exactly spawn them, Gaia used him as a template for her purpoted defenders against humanity, which didn't go well, since all of them inherited Crimson Moon's Blood Lust, as well.
  • Hellblazer had the King of The Vampires, who was the first vampire and the one from whom all others descend.
  • Ugoliant, progentior of the giant spiders and The Lord of the Rings's Shelob, from The Silmarillion.
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