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Time Savvy
Someone says the amount of time that has passed, but says it in the timeframe of the audience.
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Today, Bob's teacher announces a pop quiz. He spends all night studying, but passes out early. When the teacher hands out the test, all Bob can think to say is "I've only had one and a half sentences to study!"

When a character announces the amount of time that has passed from the audience's perspective, instead of the amount of actual story time that has gone by, the character is being Time Savvy. The amount can very between mediums; for comics they can talk about the amount of pages/volumes, and for video or webcomics they may just use minutes, hours, or months. This is usually just a throwaway joke, not influencing the plot nor the people surrounding them, but everything has exceptions.

Because of its nature, this trope can never happen in Real Life. Time Savvy is a Sub-Trope of Breaking the Fourth Wall.



Web Comics
  • Bob and George. George spends most of the Megaman 3 parody arc hanging from the ceiling of Dr. Wily's lab. The story arc only lasts a day in-universe, but George and a few other characters mention that he's been hanging for months (the length of Real Life time the arc took). George actually claims that hanging from the ceiling for that long has driven him insane.
  • In Order Of The Stick #572, the oracle makes a prophecy that 'Belkar will draw his last breath before the end of the year', then gives an Aside Glance to the audience and says "That's an 'in-comic' year, not a real-time year, Oracle fans!"

Web Original
  • In Eddsworld: Moving Targets, Tom complains that they've only been training for one minute and thirty four seconds, the length of the training montage that came just before that scene.

Western Animation
  • In Futurama, Fry and the Slurm Factory, Fry says, "I'll never go twelve minutes without drinking Slurm again," after whining about how thirsty he was for twelve minutes of screen time.
  • In an episode of The Simpsons Marge is in jail for shoplifting and Homer is spending A Day in Her Apron. Lisa asks when he will be doing laundry, commenting that "It seems like I've been wearing this same red dress forever!"
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