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Vehicles Bane
A character can't keep a vehicle intact, frequently having to climb/fall out the wreckage.
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A trope about a character repeatedly having to crawl/ being thrown out a vehicle that has crashed/ exploded or otherwise loosing their vehicle to bad external influences. If this happens once its bad luck, if it keeps happening they may have to admit they have a problem. Most examples should have a least two broken vehicles, ideally they should have three or more.

Re-Rethink: Considering the existence of the Captain Crash trope I could use this trope for example where is definitely isn't their fault, this could be separated into two categories,

1. Vehicle is destroyed with the character inside

2. Vehicle is destroyed shortly after the character leaves it.

What are people thoughts on this?


  • Isaac Clarke of Dead Space and Dead Space 2 has been thrown out of a
    • space shuttle which exploded with him exiting it.
    • (A train has crashed, left him hanging upside down, nearly fallen on him and exploded)
    Isaac: Daina, I need a new route.
    Daina: What happened? I thought we lost you.
    Isaac: Unscheduled stop. Where am I?"
    —Conversation between Isaac and Daina
    • escape pod which knocked him out briefly on landing
    • and a drilling machine when in crashed though a floor.
    • From the dead space 3 trailer a a spaceship explodes during re-entry
  • The point man from the FEAR series doesn't have the best luck with helicopters, two he's been flying in have been taken down by the same person (Alma) and third was blown up in front of him. He also had a minimech nearly fall on top of him after it fell off a bridge with him in...which happened because a helicopter crashed into it and the bridge crumbled. (Alma again) Oh and a drop pod he was in fell out of the sky. (Yet again, Alma)
  • A-Team (series) I seem to recall that basically any car they were driving which wasn't either the Van or Face's corvette was not long for this world.
  • Angel season 5 might count, but I'm not sure. Spike was confirmed to have destroyed like two or three of Angel's car fleet, but as it wasn't shown onscreen, IDK if it counts or not.
  • Stephanie Plum goes through so many cars that Ranger simply writes them off his budget under "Entertainment". His men run a betting pool on how long the latest car will last.
  • The LiveJournal Site Scans Daily inverted this, claiming that Carol Danvers was the mortal enemy of Car's everywhere, apparently due to either hitting someone with, or getting hit by cars a-lot.
  • Usually James Bond wrecks his cars on purpose, but occasionally they get destroyed without his help. In The World Is Not Enough he loses a car to a saw blade wielding helicopter, a Lotus Esprit is destroyed in For Your Eyes Only because the self destruct system is linked to the car alarm. He has also had to escape two airplanes, on on fire (Jinx's fault) and one about to crash into a mountain.
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