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ohmygosh that so cu... te? O_O AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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Let's face it. We all love Cute things. Some like Cute for Nostalgia. Some like cute for... Perverted reasons. There are even people who think ugly things are cute! But sometimes Cute overlaps with Terror. Bonus Points if it's something from an animated work. Can overlap with Killer Rabbit, but Your Milage May Vary.

Compare with Creepy Sexy and Grotesque Cute. Not to be confused with Cute Is Evil, but can overlap.

Was originally named Cute, But Scary.


  • This trope was made because of the Stitchpunks from 9, and for good reason. In fact, this YKTTW used to be named The Stitchpunk Effect.

  • It may be tempting, but besides Plushes, some of the WALL-E items are kinda creepy, but Your Milage May Vary.

  • This is what the people in charge of Heloise's personallity in Jimmy Two-Shoes seem to want to protraied as. It doesn't work

  • Higurashi. Practically everyone in it is cute, but sooner or later they all end up killing one another.

  • Elfen Lied. There was a scene where a little girl was in a house, and two firefighters came to get her, but she kills them both on the spot.

  • Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon movie can switch from Cute to Fierce by changing his eyes.

  • Kamineko from Azumanga Daioh. Sure, he looks cute, but he has a grin that resembles a bear trap and a bite to match. At Times they'll even play what sounds like the theme from Jaws when he appears!

  • Not even Yu-Gi-Oh! is safe. Behold (Cue Drum Roll)... Kureboh!

  • One word: Bears. Actually, Sharks and Lions might count too. Your Milage May Vary

  • The Cybermat from Doctor Who. It's a little silver thing that scoots around the floor. And then you see the razor-sharp teeth.
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