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Bendover Rebirth
When two versions of the same character meet to cool to live.
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Two versions of the same character exist in the same universe This is what happens when the writer (sometimes radically) updates a popular character and still has the previous version coexist in the same setting. The new character is often slightly lighter and softer or darker and sexier, can be younger ,too cool to live, gets character development and lots of slices of life. The old character has all the baggade of the show but appeals to the conservative fans.

The Bendover Rebirth is never a Expendable Clone and not even a Clones are People too but can be demoted. Something makes the new character real, it can be the orginal body, moral superiority or the soul/true essence of the character in a new body.

This reduce the new character to the Ensemble Darkhorse at best and substitue at worst. Will usually gradually be demoted Expendable Clone with too cool to live and a tool for the writer to fake "everybody can die".
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