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Third Party Memory
When you see yourself in your recalls.
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Final title: Third Person Flashback


Needs examples

  • especially averted, subverted and strange ones.

Any quote or picture ideas?

Sometimes as person recalls an event, we get to see what happened then... but wait why is this person's memories showing the person who remembered it? For example, if Bob remembered dating Alice, and we see in his memories: Alice at table, waiting... then Bob appears late and in such a messy state! If it's Bob's memory, we should be seeing it though his eyes.

Usually an Acceptable break from reality as its usually hard to convey events via someones viewpoint, and sometimes because the stage cannot be recreated with the remembering character's viewpoint if it was filmed much earlier.

Anything transmitted through an Exposition Beam is likely to be this.

As this is very common, only list examples that is a subversion or averted. Some of some very odd examples may be added like Farscape example.
  • In an episode of the anime School Rumble, Yakumo has a flashback/dream to when she was a little kid that is from the first person perspective. Up to and including when the camera shakes up and down to indicate her nodding her head.


Live Action Tv
  • Farscape: As Bialar Crais was forced to recall events on the memory probing chair operated by Scorpius, the screen shows Caris snapping the commander's neck.
  • In Babylon 5 Pilot show, this is notable averted when Kosh got poisoned and an telepath saw the events as seen from Kosh's eyes.

Video Games

Real Life
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