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Western Science Fiction
Science is always bad.
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There are two universal types of science fiction, Western and Japanese. Western is more dystopian and Japanese is more Utopian. In the 1910thies, europe used to have a Japanese style but in the 1930thies came anti-intellectualism with communism and nazism which survived the ideologies that made them such a norm.

Robots are bad, clones are souless, cyberpunk technology is a 1990thies symbol for capitalist society. Western science fiction is about social relationships, intentidty crisis, alienation, high moral standards of the author. A common theme is the idea that a human being can be "not" human becouse of identity crisis and the idea that psychology is treated as a universal objective morality. Characters are portrayed as having psychological need for the writers values and belief and therefore everyone are going insane or mentaly unwell. Often despite what the characters themselves want or say they believe. Faked Psychology is often used a moral sledgehammer against otherwise victimless crimes or just to space hippies and sixyearolds a handicap against the hunter killer cyborgs. Another common trait of western science fiction is either fantastic racism of the author or at least the intolerance towards anyone who different from what the writer thinks a "real human being should be". Often cyborgs are a symbolism for real world gays or minorities such as nerds who feel targeted by such tropes. The writer propably beat up nerds in school and now beat up evil scientists in movies about a world where his cameo cant get a job becouse of his lack of education in a society that doesnt properly value his social genius.

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