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Special Effects Switch Up
One effect is done multiple ways to stump the audience
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A trick wherein one special effect is achieved by different techniques in different shots. The intended effect is to stump audience members trying to figure out how the effect was done, as they will be looking for a single technique which could have achieved all the shots.

  • The tea party scene from Mary Poppins is perhaps the Most Triumphant Example of this trope. The techniques used to make the actors appear to float constantly change between shots. Sometimes they're on wires, sometimes they're filmed in front of a sodium vapor screen (a now obsolete alternative to Chroma Key), and sometimes teeter-totters are bobbing them up and down. They even built an upside-down version of the set to do some of the shots.
  • There's a scene in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier when Kirk is climbing El Capitan and Spock is floating next to him on rocket boots. In the shots where you can see Spock's feet, Leonard Nimoy is being suspended by a pole connecting him to the cliff with the shots angled so that his body hides the pole. When you can see the front of Spock, Leonard Nimoy's feet are attached to a teeter-totter and so his feet are kept out of frame in those shots.
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