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Unreveal Angle
The camera angle is intentionally set up to cover or hide something important from the audience.
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A Teasing Creator sets up the camera for... The Un-Reveal. Unreveal Angle is one of the trolling Camera Tricks which is employed when something important or intriguing is intentionally hidden from the audience.

Usually the camera is focused so that the viewers can't see the whole set. Now it appears it would be time for the camera to pan out a bit, or to cut to a wider view, right? Or it should move from the character's back and show us the face. Except... it never does. The audience is left wondering what really happened, how the characters reacted or what they look like.

Viewers might be teased with the almost-reveal of The Ghost or The Voice, and some variants of The Faceless can be shown this way in scenes or episode when viewers expect to finally see them unmasked. This trope can also be used to convey Nothing Is Scarier.

Contrast with Reveal Shot. Related to Scenery Censor which covers sensitive bits of the naked human body. See also Camera Obscurer.

Compare/Contrast with Behind the Black: "If the audience can't see it, then neither can the characters." This trope is the opposite: "If the characters can see it, why the hell the audience can't, damn it?"

Examples from media:

Anime and Manga
  • For a long time, Tobi from Naruto has his face obscured when he's not with his mask, though we do get some shots of him slightly opening his mask or having it partially broken. He claimed to be Madara Uchiha and we do have some shots of Madara's face in flashbacks, but for some reason he always has his face hidden. Until chapter 600, where it's revealed that he's actually Obito Uchiha.

Comic Books
  • Issue #55 G.I. Joe was advertised as finally showing the real faces of Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, and Destro, three major characters who had never been seen without their masks. The cover of the comic book and the title of the story ("Unmaskings") further tease the supposed reveal. And sure enough, during the story all three characters take off their masks and show their true faces... but only to other characters. "Camera angles" and shadows are used so that the reader never gets a proper look at the faces.

Film - Animated
  • Near halfway through Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, a mix-up on Ed's part causes Edd's hat to get stuck on Ed's head. The audience is left to think they would finally see what Edd's head looks like without its hat--but it's obscured by the boat the Eds built and Ed's big head, so it's never shown.

Live Action TV
  • In The Lone Ranger TV show the Ranger's face is never seen by the audience without either a mask or a disguise. Whenever his mask is off and he's not in disguise, his back is to the camera.
  • In one episode of Rhoda, The Voice Carlton the Doorman is seen, but only from the back.
  • In How I Met Your Mother, the narration refers to the Mother many times, yet her face is never seen and her voice is never heard. Her ankle is briefly glimpsed in "Girls vs. Suits", and a dark figure carrying a yellow umbrella (which signifies the Mother) is seen in "Wait for It" and "No Tomorrow".
  • In Friends, The Ghost Ugly Naked Guy was seen twice, though not completely: his rear end and his hand in "The One with the Giant Poking Device", and also half of his body from behind was seen in the episode where Ross was trying to get his apartment.
  • Revolution: Episode "The Love Boat" ends with Mr. Austin killed in the Tower's elevator on his way down to level 12. We only hear the sounds of his death. Then the elevator comes back up and opens. The angle reveals that there's a lot of blood, but we don't actually see what's in the elevator. "Children of Men" strongly implies that it's a Dweller with a coil gun.

Professional Wrestling
  • In a two-on-one match for the WWF World Tag-Team Championship "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is going it alone against the Hart Foundation: Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith. Then the Titantron shows backstage where Austin's partner has just shown up and is walking! We only see his feet as he walks jauntily to a disco beat. Cue commercial break. When they return to the action Austin's "partner" still hasn't gotten to the ring yet and doesn't for several more minutes, at which time we see the debut of Dude Love.

Video Games
  • Whenever Master Chief's helmet is off in the Halo series, his face is either out of the shot or behind something.

Web Animation
  • Homestar Runner: The Strong Bad Email "the chair" touches on two very common fan questions: "What does Strong Bad look like under his mask?" and "What do Strong Bad's parents look like?" Strong Bad takes off his mask and shows off a photo of his parents... while the camera is behind him, so the reveal is obscured by his high-backed armchair. Then he declares "Ugh! I am NEVER gonna do that again!" [[note]]If one uses a Flash decompiler to reveal what's behind the chair, there's nothing where Strong Bad head should be, and the photo just has the text "nice try dodongo!"[[/note]]

Web Comics
  • MS Paint Adventures has two characters looking into chests with MacGuffin that had been teased prior to this point. Careful with clicking the links, they might be considered spoileriffic.
    • Calliope is looking at her own "juju". Her "juju" and what it looks like is not revealed. See it here.
    • Vriska whose chalk-white, pupil-less eyes indicate deadness is looking at a treasure she's just engaged in a lengthy pirate-themed treasure hunt to find with the promised power to defeat the Big Bad who Calliope vaguely looks like and in fact is Calliope's brother who also occupies the same body as her. This last case is subverted when Vriska forcibly drags the narrative back from the self-indulgent interlude it engages in after this. See this image.

Web Video
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, a setting update of Jane Eyre:
    • When Jane first talks to Grace Poole, she accidentally records their dialogue because Grace came to Jane's room when she was shooting an entry for her vlog. However, Grace's face is out of the angle.
    • The viewers familiar with the novel (majority of the fandom) anxiously awaited Mr Rochester to show up. When he first appeared, they showed him only from a big distance, Jitter Cam style, and then a great attention was paid to his injured leg and funky socks. In the following episode, the angle of Jane's cam was aimed at his torso and arms, and we got a lots of close-up of his hands. At the end of the video, the audience saw half of his face. Episode 12 showed his head from the back and the audience nearly saw his profile when he turned his head. His face was finally revealed in episode 13.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:
    • The audience had to wait for William Darcy to appear for 59 episode, despite the fact that he was mentioned nearly all the time throughout the web series. When he first showed up, they revealed his torso at the end of the episode as a teaser.
    • The fans were curious to see the ever embarrassing Mrs Bennet and compare her real personality to Lizzie's impersonation (many characters were presented through imitations in Lizzie's "costume theatre"). Mrs Bennet walked in on Lizzie's filming in the last episode. Lizzie's imitation of her accent was accurate and the choice of generic outfit was spot on, but the viewers got to see only Mrs Bennet's back.
  • The identity of "Hoody" is one of the key mysteries of Marble Hornets. Entry #68 shows him taking off the mask, but the camera is on the ground and the shot is cut off just below his face.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Much Apu About Nothing", Homer is trying to help Apu prepare for his American citizenship test, and for locating Springfield on the map, he points near Chicago. Lisa corrects him, but the view of her pointing at the correct location is obscured by Bart's head.
    • In one episode, Homer experiences a very frustrating version during a Dream Sequence. He's having money problems and he dreams about an invention that will make him rich, but he's never able to actually see the invention because someone is standing in the way.
  • Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget us The Faceless who is only ever seen from the back of his chair.

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