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Normal Doesn't Exist
In reality, there is only weirdness
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A general belief that everybody and their grandparents is, to some extent, a complete weirdo and has pretty offbeat tastes and personalities and nobody can actually be considered normal. For characters that more or less invoke this trope, the concept of normality of any kind is like pressing their Berserk Button and getting them to deliver An Aesop on why there's no such thing as being normal. Usually invoked by a Vocal Minority for getting ridiculed by the majority simply for not abiding to their ideals of living.

Compare I Just Want to Be Normal for when the character tries to abide to social normality. Contrast Your Normal Is Our Taboo. Dysfunction Junction is a subtrope where the "weirdness" is problematic.

Note: Add only In-Universe examples. Real Life ones can go in the Troper Tales section.


  • Inverted in Discworld, in which everyone is declared to be in some way normal; the undead are merely "differently alive" and the weird are merely "differently normal," and such.
  • Ten Years After, "I'd Love To Change the World":
    Everywhere is freaks and hairys
    Dykes and fairies
    Tell me where is sanity?
  • Barenaked Ladies, "War On Drugs"
    Won't it be dull when we rid ourselves
    Of all these demons haunting us?
    To keep us company
    Won't it be odd to be happy like we
    Always thought we're supposed to feel?
    But never seem to be?
  • Non-Prophets, "The Cure"
    You're not the traveling type? Then hide your baggage better
    Before you die a normal death and write the average letter
    About your internal furnace
    And how life's a sexually transmitted disease that you contracted from her kiss
    When a boy writes off the world, it's done with sloppy misspelled words
    If a girl writes off the world it's done in cursive
  • This Subnormality strip is all about that.
  • In The Breakfast Club: "What's bizarre? We're all pretty bizarre."
  • Donna Troy's advice to new Titans in DC Nation : "Normal is a dryer setting."

Anime and Manga
  • "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" pretty much defines this trope. Everyone there is pretty much bizarre, though perhaps Haruhi probably outshines everyone else at this.
  • "One Piece" might fall under this, since the pirates have almost every kind of ability imaginable and do all kinds of crazy things.

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