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Brainwashing... but for the greater good!

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So, you've finally captured Duke Diabolico, good for you! ... so now what? He's repeatedly proven he not only doesn't want to reform, but will turn any such attempts into another dastardly scheme by masquerading as reformed, and the Cardboard Prison is looking especially porous right now. Plus, he's proven smart enough to avoid being a Self-Disposing Villain and avoided giving the heroes (and other villains) reasons to kill him.

There's only one thing to do, administer Brainwashing coupled with Care Bear Stares and trigger a sort of involuntary Heel–Face Turn. In extreme cases, this may require Laser-Guided Amnesia, implanting an entirely new (good) personality and putting it in control, a Restraining Bolt, and basically killing the original person(ality).

The creepy thing isn't so much that it's the heroes who are doing this, but that it often works.

Of course, when it doesn't you'll have an explosive case of Pygmalion Snapback as the villain gets righeously pissed off over being made to act all sappy and goody-two-shoes. Or if the brainwashing takes and their new good persona(lity) likes good more than evil, it will cause a Heroic B.S.O.D. as they grapple with a hidden lifetime of evil.

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