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Token Fatty
Character whose role consists of being the fat one.
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Yay we're almost done creating the cast of our kids/teens show! We have the pretty girl, The Nerd, the Token Black... Wait, something's missing. Someone needs to be fat.

Character whose defining characteristic is to be the one fatty in an otherwise slim cast. And they aren't just pudgy -- they're fat, likely spherical. Stereotypical "fatty" behaviour and personality (like eating constantly, being a slobbering sissy) is about as much development they get, and if they're actually ever involved in the story, their role also is defined by them being fat.

Might be combined with the roles of token bullied kid, unpopular kid, or The Nerd.

  • Saw this done in the Finnish stage version of Grease -- there was one no-lines role who just happened to be fat, and it never did anything to the story. Does this occur in other versions as well? There were also the Token Latina whose Hispanic status brewed nothing more than stereotypical behaviour and a couple of throwaway jokes, and the Token Jew, whose importance hinged on precisely one throwaway joke. The Token Black role was probably existed but was discarded due to cast limitations (dance school production).
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