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Replying 'Why?' repeatedly is one of the most annoying things a person can do.
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Because if you don't, there won't be any content on it.


Because trope pages doesn't write themselves.


Because the advanced code that would allow TV Tropes to be fully autonomous doesn't exist.


Because AI technology isn't that advanced yet.


Because... er... SCREW YOU, that's why! Now, where was I? Ahem.

This trope involves two people. Person A tells person B something. Person B, usually a child, asks why. Person A gives an explanation, and Person B asks "Why?" to the explanation. Repeat until Person A runs out of patience and cuts it short. It doesn't always have to be the one word "Why?", either; it can be a number of variations such as "How come?" and "Why X?" as long as it's the same in meaning.

Truth in Television, as anybody who's ever raised a kid can testify.


  • In Green Mars, the children being taught by Sax Russell will play the "why game" when they want to distract Sax and get out of having to do class. Since Sax loves explaining things and can't resist providing an explanation to a question, the children will start asking "why? But why, Sax?" over and over again. This leads to Sax drilling down in the more complex and ludicrous answers, touching on quantum physics and eventually philosophy before he's forced to just give up and say "I don't know!"

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Western Animation
  • In one episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy, the Eds train Johnny to be the biggest pest in the cul-de-sac. The Chain of Whys is one of the tricks they teach him.
  • Mindy of Animaniacs. Once an Episode, Mindy would walk up to someone and ask what they're doing. When they told her, she would ask why, they would give her a reason, rinse, lather, repeat, until Mindy said "Okay I love you, buh-bye."
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