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Contractual Boss Immunity Subclause
A boss has immunity to all attacks... except one.
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I'm not sure this would fit as a trope, so I'll just write a brief description;

Bosses that either have a hole in their Contractual Boss Immunity (such as, they are immune but one specific kind of insta-kill), which can be manipulated into giving up their immunity (such as casting reflect on self, and watching them using and dying from their own reflected insta-kill), which can be manipulated into dying instantly, even if they mantain their immunity (such as knowing where a boss will spawn, laying down 300 landmines on the exact spot, start the fight, and win, even if each individual landmine does minimal damage by itself due the immunity), or can simply be glitched into death, bypassing it's programmed immunty (manipulating the field so the boss spawns inside a wall and dies, for example)

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