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Blame It On The Drugs
When circumstances believed to involve drugs are attributed to them.
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Peter: Who's to blame?
Crowd: Who's to blame?
Peter: What's his name?
Crowd: We know his name, his name is... Mr. Booze!
- From a Family Guy parody of the song Mr. Booze

When trying to explain what caused a given problem, there's often a lot of nuance to what kinds of blame certain factors get.

When drugs are involved, though... or even when some simply think they're involved... you can often expect some or even all of this nuance to be thrown out the window, with a prevailing assumption that whatever happened, it must have been the drugs.

Compare with Drugs Are Bad, except that sometimes one can have a problem with drug use while still not blaming it for everything. See also No More for Me and Alcohol-Induced Idiocy.

Let's try to focus on gathering fictional examples first, just in case this ends up getting the NRLEP treatment later.


  • The quoted example from Family Guy is a parodical version of this trope; he forgot the library book for years, but forgetting it on amnesty day in particular was something he blamed on the wine.
    • In another Family Guy example, Death blames on drugs the fact that he thought he looked good in the seventies fashion.
  • Jon Tom of Spellsinger was smoking pot just before he got sucked into another world. So he initially thinks that the antropomorphic otter he meets is a drug-induced hallucination.
  • Indirect example: in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Jack responds to an accusation that he got a girl pregnant and doesn't remember due to being drunk, that he was never that drunk.
  • Parodied in Nikita when Alex, a recovered heroin addict, jokingly explains her proficiency at firearms assembly as being due to the drugs.
  • An episode of The Simpsons where a tribute to Krusty The Clown is showing retrospects of his decades on TV, and one clip causes Krusty to mutter off-mike "what the Hell was I on?!"
    • Also from The Simpsons, Krusty tries to blame his sexual harrasment behavior on prescription pills.
    Bart: [watching] I'm surprised he doesn't try to blame his problems on his Percodan addiction.
    Krusty: [on TV] It wasn't my fault, it was the Percodan. If you ask me, that stuff rots your brain. And now a word from our new sponsor...[reads cue card] Percodan?! Aw, crap!
  • When the corrections officers from The Green Mile arrive at the sanitarium to collect William "Wild Bill" Wharton, they find their man standing in a catatonic state. The officers presume that the sanitarium staff had "doped him up." In fact, Wharton was playing the Wounded Gazelle Gambit as part of an escape attempt.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Doppelgangland, the gang believes Willow has been turned into a vampire. When Willow walks in completely unharmed, they are so relieved to see her alive that they all rush over to hug her, leaving Willow rather bewildered as to what's going on:
    Willow: It's really great that you guys missed me. Say, you didn't all happen to do a bunch of drugs, did you?
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