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A usually sequential media, that only has one installment.
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The One-Shot has long been a staple of Comic Books, Manga, and Fan Fic. In media that are almost entirely series, it stands out when something only has one installment. These works are short, sweet, and to the point, but are often overshadowed by larger longer running works.

The term comes from the American Comic's industry, but has since spread to other media. They are normally stand-alones, and are completely self contained, but one shot's as part of a larger shared universe are not unheard of. In that case, they are often part of a Fifth Week Event.

If it's a one-shot fanfic, then it's also a Completed Fic by definition. Compare Stillborn Serial, where further installments were intended, but never issued. Not to be confused with One-Hit Kill or One Shot.


  • The original concept of D.Gray-Man came from a one-shot by the same artist named Zone.

Comic Books
  • Dell Comics' Four Color Comics series was a series of individual issues one-shotted, sometimes with sequel issues.
  • The My Little Pony Micro Series is a series of one shots, each focusing on a different character and a challenge facing them, such as Fluttershy entering an extreme art contest or Twilight dealing with a curmudgeonly librarian.

Fan Fiction
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