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Forgotten Framing Device
A framing device opens the story, but is never referred to again.
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The story in introduced via some kind of Framing Device, but when the story is over, the credits roll and the framing device isn't there to close things. Related to the Tethercat Principle, as it makes it seem like the framing device is forever stuck telling the story.

  • In Disney's Aladdin, the story opens with a merchant telling the viewer the story of the lamp. The movie ends with the Genie shouting "Made you look!" to the audience and the credits roll. The merchant eventually does show up again, however- at the end of the second direct-to-video movie.
  • Brütal Legend opens with Jack Black leading the viewer into a record shop and showing him the Brutal Legend record, which turns into game menu. You can beat the game, but you'll never see that record shop again.

Kind of one and half examples at this point. Any others?
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