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Standardized Phlebotinum
Phlebotinum which does a large but limited set of things, even in unrelated works.
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A type of Applied Phlebotinum--often a power source--which provides a very versatile set of abilities that is nevertheless standardized. This core list of abilities will be used in many different works--even unrelated ones--and the mere mention of the phlebotinum's name will communicate to the reader a good idea of what it can do.

If a work does throw in some extra abilities that are not standardized, this still counts, as long as there is a core group of abilities which is.

This can often happen if the phlebotinum comes from traditions outside a particular work, either from folklore or merely tradition within a genre.

The standardization of this sort of phlebotinum can also be a shortcut to Magic A Is Magic A, since it may include a core set of limits as well as a core set of abilities.

  • Ninja powers
  • Vampire abilities
  • "Ki" based abilities
  • Psychic powers
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