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Smart Machine, Stupid Inventor

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Behold, the (fill-in-the-blank)inator!
Dr. Doofensmirtz

In some classic cartoons, there's the villain who has these crazy gadgets that they build themselves that acutally work, but never really get to use them due to their own incompetence. They are smart enough to build the gadget but too stupid to use it. Sometimes they can't even use it properly! The only way you couldn't was if you're an idiot and a genius. You were able to build it but not use it. Takes plenty of knowledge but lots of stupid. Sometimes they use it and it works properly, but their plan fails. That's this trope.

Compare Affably Evil, Genre Blind. These guys could probably make money, were they not evil.


Western Animation
  • Phineas and Ferb: Dr. Doofensmirtz- His gadgets always work, as in the techenical aspect, but in every episode he is stopped by Perry
  • Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jo Jo- he always loses to the power puff girl no matter what crazy working gadgets he throws at them.
  • Fairly OddParents: Mr.Crocker- so many examples I could list !- he has a secret lair for catching faries built into a locker! But he builds all this stuff to catch them it works he just can't use it properly


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