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Wound That Will Not Heal
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Do We Have This One?? I checked through the Injury Tropes, but I couldn't find one that covers when a character has a wound that - usually for supernatural or symbolic reasons - just won't seem to ever heal.

For example, in Robin McKinley's Sunshine, the title character is given a cut on her chest by a vampire. While the other injuries she takes during the experience heal normally, the cut lingers, scabbing over and then cracking and bleeding again, indicating that Sunshine has been somehow tainted or poisoned by the vampires. It doesn't heal properly until Constantine helps her purge the taint.

Another example is Dalamar the Dark in the Dragonlance novels; Raistlin dug his fingers into Dalamar's chest and left five seeping wounds which cannot be healed.

A wound that won't heal is also featured in at least some versions of the story of the Fisher King, though in some versions of the story it's a crippling or disfiguring wound instead of one that truly won't heal.

Related to Scars Are Forever and Achey Scars, but in both of those the wound at least heals enough to leave a scar, whereas these don't even heal that much.

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