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First Person Perspective
proposed index of first person tropes
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When the action is viewed through the eyes of one character, this trope applies. It's most commonly used in literature as a narrative technique and in video games as a specific genre. It is noticeable and notable when it appears outside of those two areas, especially in movie and film where it's relatively rare to see anything directly from a characters perspective, rarer still for it to be maintained throughout. It was a major breakthrough in art when this was subverted and perspectives that no human could reasonably have started to be used in painting, such as a birds eye view.

Sibling trope of Second-Person Narration.

Example Tropes:

  • In the Doom movie there's a sequence shot in first person meant to reflect its First-Person Shooter roots.
  • In later seasons Numbers used gun barrel perspective as the FBI agents performed operations intercut with more regular footage.
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