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Blame the Leader
Putting all responsibilities on and blames the leader for everything related to him/her.
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Possibly Logical Fallacies + Audience Reaction.

First rule of management: Everything is your fault.
-Hopper, A Bug's Life

A common Logical Fallacies, which consists of blaming the leader of something for every wrongness at that. It's just like blaming Fast Eddie, the webmaster for every Natter and mistakes on This Very Wiki.

Even though it's a fallacy, it's very common in the armed forces of many countries, where the ranking member of a unit can be held accountable for some failure or another. It's fairly common for a base commander to be relieved of their responsibilities after a particularly embarassing screw-up or failed inspection, even if the failure happened well below their level in the chain, because as commander, they are responsible for everyone who works for them, and their conduct.

When Follow the Leader occurs, this would make you blame the leader for all those imitators/copies that appeared, or become Seinfeld Is Unfunny.

Compare Scapegoat Creator. Related to The Chains of Commanding.

No Real Life Examples, Please! - lots of politics consists of this. Which shouldn't be discussed at here.


  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country has Kirk and McCoy being convicted in a Kangaroo Court when Kirk was maneuvered into claiming responsibility for what was believed to be two members of his crew assassinating the Klingon Chancellor, on the grounds that he was responsible for the actions of his crew.


Live-Action TV
  • Donald Trump is quick to do this on The Apprentice, singling out team leaders when the team fails. Naturally, other members of the losing team are equally quick to try to divert blame to the team leader, to save their own necks.

Web Comic
  • In Strip #75 of Order Of The Stick, ("The Blame Game") Elan, Haley and Belkar do this when Durkon gets separated from the rest of the group. When Roy points out that NONE of them remembered to bring Durkon along, Haley uses the following excuse:
"The three of us are so consistently and staggeringly irresponsible that it's utterly unreasonable to expect us to have been paying any attention in the first place."
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