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Camera Nod

When the camera nods or otherwise reacts in answer to a character

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A subtrope of In-Universe Camera, this is when someone in the show asks a question directly to the camera, and the camera nods up and down or shakes left and right in response, and the character who asked the question responds to its answer.

You will most often see this in children's shows and Fourth Wall-breaking comedy shows, and most always done live-action, where the camera is much easier to manipulate than in animation.


  • In the beginning of Nostalgia Critic's review of the Star Wars Holiday Special, the camera chases him down after he attempts to run away. Then, upon the Critic asking if he must go through with this, the camera nods.
  • Saturday Night Live: Christopher Walken's character "The Continental" interacts with a POV camera which nods and shakes yes and no, respectively.
  • Another SNL sketch had Jimmy Fallon & Rachel Dretch as a couple of Boston youths; their friend was behind the camera and sometimes interacted with them. Every episode ends with something strange happening and Fallon asking the camera "Tommy, did you get that?" and the camera nodding.
  • In most media starring Ernest P. Worrel, the camera is supposed to be Ernest's unseen neighbor Vern.
  • An early episode of The Office has the camera interact with Pam like this, even going so far as to motion at something in the distance with a simulated nod.
  • Used upon occasion on The Late Show with David Letterman when they have a remote cam and he asks the camraman a question.
  • Done frequently on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Justified in that the camera is an in-universe character, Cambot, a robot filming the show.
    • The final skit in episode 620 "Danger Death Ray" has the camera crying.
  • Done a few times on Garfield and Friends
  • Has happened at least once on Sesame Street.
  • I know I've seen Blue's Clues do this at least once.
  • Noel Edmunds House Party

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