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You know what I mean: cunt

Specifically, how, in American and Canadian works, it's still the one thing no-one says unless they want to do serious damage.

In countries UK, Australia etc, while still being very offensive, the word is generally used as unisex term of offence, and is more likely to be used with fewer dramatics.. See Trainspotting where it's not a word, it's a punctuation mark.

Examples (Of it being not cool at all):

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm has an episode where Larry David's use of it during a poker game causes an effeminate acquaintance to have a slow motion nervous breakdown.
  • The Sopranos, series 2, has a scene where Tony applies it to Big Pussy's wife, causing Carmella to stop him mid-sentence and shut him up.
  • The Wire has a scene where it's use causes Stringer Bell, a drug dealer and multiple murderer to stop in his tracks and look shocked. The full line included here, just for the full poetry of it's offensiveness: "Oh fuck the meet! You harder to get at than my fat wife's cunt, nigger!"
  • In an episode of PennAndTellerBullshit on Profanity, it's the only word even the anti-censorship commentators are hesitant to say.
  • Truth in Television: John Mc Cain was lambasted for using it to refer to his wife. He may have been joking with her at the time, but...
  • Averted: Caprice Bourret used it live on daytime television while discussing The Vagina Monologues without any uproar at all.

Any other examples of media where it's a social-life destroying utterance or the one censored or uncool phrase in a normally foul-mouthed piece?
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