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A popular portrayal of the afterlife in comedies and Urban Fantasy: Heaven and Hell are much like our own universe, only flanderized to be either perfect (but often not totally perfect) or unbearable. For some reason, restaurants seem to be a popular depiction.

  • In Achewood, Hell consists of a dreary town with a KFC and a small eatery with toilets that lead back to Earth. Everyone drives a 1982 Subaru Brat, and there are telephones that allow you to call home, but change your side of the call into a telemarketing pitch.
  • In Dr Mc Ninja, Purgatory is a restaurant with poor service - Benjamin Franklin has to wait centuries for his food.
  • In Scrubs, Heaven is a diner... but they don't serve flapjacks.

EDIT: Some examples seem to have been placed in A Hell of a Time, although these are very distict tropes. Examples that should be moved:
  • A rare musical one, from Billy Joel's "Blonde Over Blue": "In Hell there's a big hotel/ Where the bar just closed and the windows never open/ No phone so you can't call home and the TV works but the clicker is broken"
  • In the Bible Stories episode of The Simpsons, Hell consists of a picnic, except that all the dips are mixed up and they're out of potato salad.
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