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noodle fighting

enter the dragon

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Picture this: The hero is surrounded by at least a half dozen redshirts. They are preparing for a fight with melee weapons or fists. When the fighting starts the camera zooms in on the action. But wait, the hero is only dispatching 2 or 3 redshirts at a time. Where are the others? The answer: they are off camera eating noodles(since this trope first appeared in old kung-fu movies).

Notable examples: Equilibrium Book of Eli Most kungfu movies Lampshaded in: Kill Bill with the crazy 88s Burly Brawl in Matrix2
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  • November 11, 2012
    Sorry I'm new. Hero is figting mooks not readshirts. I did some research and the closest trope I could find is "conservation of ninjitsu". The conservation trope made no mention of the nullification of numbers effect.

    This trope also usually incorporates "Badass Back"
  • November 12, 2012
    We have this as part of Mook Chivalry.

    "Mooks must always attack the hero one at a time; to gang up would be to destroy the principle of war."