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A concept that used to be just Fridge Horror is now openly part of the series.
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EDIT: I consider this almost ready to launch, but am still open to further title suggestions.

So let's say some work has a form of Fridge Horror, at least according to fan interpretations of the work. It could be entirely by accident, and just be a product of Fridge Logic. It could be deliberate, but still left to thaw on its own in the audience's imagination through subtle Fridge Brilliance.

Whatever the case, obviously said disturbing aspect of the work is not definitive as of yet, as there could in theory be some way around it. So far it has left explaining it up to the viewers, so you could probably expect that pattern to continue, right?

Well, sometimes you'd be wrong.

This is for when a prior Fridge Horror concept has been turned into an major aspect of the series. They are heating the fridge horror, instead of relying on it thawing on its own.

This is it. Nothing Is the Same Anymore. That disturbing aspect of the series has just gone from ambiguous to absolute, and the series has become Darker and Edgier for it.


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  • The Ecco The Dolphin series does this in Ecco: Tides Of Time, (the sequel to the original game) with the questions the concept of time travel raises. The original had Ecco time travel into the past one time to get a globe from past-Asterite to bring to present-asterite, and another time to save his fellow dolphins from a Vortex invasion. One cannot help but think this left questions about time travel in the minds of fans, because the sequel explored them in horrifying and confusing depth.
  • Pokémon Black and White does this with some of the Fridge Horror of the Pokémon series. They introduced Team Plasma, an organization based on the idea that it's morally wrong to force Pokemon to beat each other nearly to death for sport. The organization has two conflicting leaders -- N, who honestly believes in the organization's mantra, and Ghetsis, who only preaches this to try and convince everyone else in the world to release their Pokemon so that he'll be the most powerful Trainer around. Guess which one has a Heel-Face turn, and which one's the final boss...

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