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We Used To Be Enemies

Two former enemies are now close allies.

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Piccolo: I'm here to help you.
Goku: Aren't we enemies?

Two characters or organizations, previously being long-term enemies, end up finding common ground to become close friends over. Expect to see this in geo-political situations over a long enough period of time.

Similar to Enemy Mine, but long-term instead of short-term.

May involve a Heel–Race Turn.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • In The Last Avengers Story, set many years in the future, Reed Richards and Doctor Doom, former nemeses, now live together and play chess. Richards takes care of Doom, who has age-related dementia.


  • At the end of the Hand of Thrawn duology, the Empire signed a peace treaty with the New Republic, and the two were allies during subsequent conflicts such as the Yuuzhan Vong War in New Jedi Order. Though as Star Wars: Legacy comics reveal, it didn't last forever.

Live-Action TV

Video Games
  • In Dishonored, Piero is a rival with Anton Sokolov in both the game and the Back Story. Anton isn't really that attached to the villains' side and undergoes a Heel–Face Turn. He and Piero make friends when they meet face to face and eventually work together to cure the plague.
  • The Star Trek example becomes a subversion in Star Trek Online, where the alliance between the Federation and Klingons has broken and the two have returned to being enemies.

Western Animation
  • Pixar's first Toy Story has Sheriff Woody slugging it out with Buzz Lightyear at the Dinoco station. These two end up best buds by the end of the film.

Real Life
  • Among the things complicating the Germans' Schlieffen Plan in World War I was the fact that it was partly predicated on the assumption that the Brits wouldn't help their traditional rivals the French. This changed during the lead-up to the war.
  • The United States of America and the United Kingdom in Real Life, as well as the nations of NATO, most of whom have fought multiple wars with each other in the past.

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