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Paying For The Action Scene
A character gets into a fight in a privately owned establishment and pays for the aftermath.
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"Sorry about the mess."
-- Han Solo after blasting Greedo in the Mos Eisely Cantina, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

A character (usually a heroic figure of some kind) gets into a scuffle in a bar, a restaurant, a banquet hall, or another establishment not fit for battle and, after the chaos is over, decides to pay for the destruction left behind. Hero Insurance would typically still be in effect but the hero still decides to give the owner a little bit of money in order to pay for the mess. More often than not, this is to make the character look like a total badass. Not only did they just beat up or kill an enemy in a typically awesome manner but they decided to toss in a few extra bucks to pay for collateral damage. Bond One-Liner is optional.

Anime and Manga

  • The second part of Guts' Establishing Character Moment in Berserk (after he makes a demoness Go Out With A Bang) has him enter a Bad-Guy Bar, put a few coins on the bar telling the barkeep "for the disturbance". Before the barkeep can ask for clarification, Guts has started attacking the mooks, destroying them and the furniture, leaving one alive (and more than happy to take a message to the Evil Overlord).


  • A famous example was included in Star Wars: A New Hope. Han Solo kills Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina, blasting a hole through his chest before tossing the bar tender a coin along with the page quote.
  • Averted in the first Ghostbusters film. The `Busters destroy half of a four-star hotel in persuit of a ghost. The snooty manager refuses to pay unless they give him money for the damage first. They offer to release the ghost back into the hotel, making the manager rethink his demands.
  • In the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie, Sherlock engages in a pit fight in a dingy pub and eventually knocks his opponent through the wood wall. He collects his winnings and leaves some of it on the bar counter, apparently as payment for the wall and the extra bottle he takes from the bar.
  • Superman II. After he gives up his super powers, Superman is beaten up by a bully in a diner. After he regains his powers he returns to the bar and beats up the bully, causing minor damage. He gives a wad of bills to the diner's owner to pay for the damage.

Live Action TV

  • In Barney Miller one or more of the perps of the week have had a fight in an establishment which is pressing charges, then are informed that the establishment will drop the charges if they'll pay for damages.


  • Some rock musicians or bands have the reputation of trashing hotel rooms with their wild partying. In Joe Walsh's song "Life's Been Good", he mentions this:
    I live in hotels, tear out the walls
    I have accountants pay for it all
    • Presumably it's he who pays for it, but since rich people are often detached from their finances through accountants and such, this is basically like saying he doesn't worry directly about it but has guys taking care of the actual transactions for him--which are probably pocket change to him anyway.

Newspaper Comics

  • Played straight and inverted in a Prince Valiant story arc, where Prince Valiant's troop and a band of drunken Vikings had a rhubarb in a travelers' inn. "Val succeeds in holding the stairs, but the stairs fail to hold Val." Prince Valiant gallantly offers to pay for half the damages, while the Viking chieftain requires goading by an armed militia to pony up his half.

Video Games

  • The Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion Mask of the Betrayer has a tavern where the owner will fine you if you start a bar fight and/or vandalise any of the furniture.


  • At least once in Nodwick, the fighter Yeagar ended up with the tab for damages after a bar brawl -- he was the last guy standing.

Western Animation

  • The Teaser of one Arthur episode had them watching trailers for a Bland-Name Product of a James Bond movie. After subduing a villain in a fancy restaurant, the hero tells the manager to put the damage on his tab.

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