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There's an Angry Guard Dog on your tail, what to do? Grab a stick, say "here boy" while waving the stick and whistling, and throwing as far away from you as possible.

Sometimes, the dog and stick will be substituted. Possibly due to All Animals Are Domesticated.


Anime and Manga
  • There was a joke in Inuyasha where Kagome got the eponymous character to fetch a stick.

Film - Animation
  • Carl uses a tennis ball from his cane to clear Muntz's dogs out of Kevin's room in Up.

Film - Live Action
  • Dr. Malcolm is able to stop a pissed T-Rex from crushing a stalled jeep (with children inside) with a flare from Jurassic Park.


Live-Action TV
  • Subverted in The 10th Kingdom; Wolf snarkily attempts to do this with Prince after he's been turned into gold. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • The same thing was again done later, by Tony, after using the magic wishing well. This time it seems to be the key that does the trick, since Prince breaks out of the gold right afterward.

Video Games
  • One of the puzzles in King's Quest V involves throwing a stick for a dog which has been terrorizing an anthill.
  • This is how to get past the H.R. Giger-ized dog in the Dark World in Dark Seed, or else it kills the player.

Web Comics
  • While not deliberately done, Florence from Freefall, who is an uplifted wolf, as well as an extremely intelligent rocket scientist (in the sense that she's researching next-generation FTL-drives in her spare time) - is shown to be vulnerable to this. Despite being preoccupied with a major moral and technical conondrum at the time, when a ball goes bouncing by, she just goes "BALL!" and leaps after it. Having been raised as an ordinary puppy probably has a lot to do with it.
  • Misho from Keychain of Creation uses it deliberately to distract his Lunar partner, Marena. She's basically a shape-shifting fox, but it still works... it is described as "A technique developed by the ancient Solars for controlling their Lunar partners", and Misho mostly uses it to distract Marena when she's frustrated by being in heat (and him being a Chaste Hero).

Western Animation
  • Done by Bugs Bunny in Looney Tunes episode "A Hare Grows in Manhatten".
  • Done in one of the Tom and Jerry cartoons (and is actually one of the few times Tom talks). The dog falls for it.
  • This has been done to Brian on Family Guy.

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