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Must Have This Last One
Someone has acquired all but one of something and is determined to get the last one.
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Compare Second Place Is for Losers and Super OCD.


Comic Books
  • In Astérix, the heroes' small village is the one part of France still left unconquered and Julius Caesar orders attacks on it daily.

  • In Home on the Range, Patch of Heaven is the only bit of land Alameda Slim doesn't own.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: Bart & Homer take up coin collecting as a hobby together, and they quickly fill a coin album with one of every Lincoln cent except the rare 1917 double die error "kissing Lincoln." As soon as they get it (conning it out of Mr. Burns, who bought it at a rare coin auction for $10 mil) they put the album away and agree to never look at it again.
  • Veggietales: King George demands to gain the rubber duck owned by a random peasant, despite the fact that he already owns dozens of other rubber ducks. (The biblical story told here is that of King David and Bathsheba, who insisted on having her despite already having many wives and concubines.)
  • In the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi episode "Collect All 5" Ami has collected all but one of a set of free toys from cereal boxes and drives herself crazy trying to find the last one.
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