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Surprisingly Similar Stories
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Just for Fun! Inspired by Avatar's Similar Stories folder.

Sometimes, two works are obviously inspired by each other, or the younger one contains minor Shout Outs to the older one, or they are coincidentally considered Dueling Movies.

This page is NOT a collection for them. Here, we should experiment with finding some less obvious, and probably nonexistent connections, through wordplay, and selective examples of plot points.

compare: Better Than It Sounds, where wordplay and selectively mentioned plot points make a work sound silly. Here, the same things makes them sound like if their plot would be the same as another work's.


  • Man comes from another world to harvest a rare mineral unique to only this extremely hostile moon. Ends up being forced to live among the natives and learn their ways from a local girl who he ends up falling in love with. Has to ride a fearsome creature as a right of passage into manhood, and then unites the local clans and leads them to battle against culture from which he originally came. Is it Dune? Or Avatar?

  • Our heroes obtain an ancient magical artifact from a small, old green creature who talks to himself third person. Said artifact must be destroyed to kill the Evil Overlord, but it can't be destroyed through normal physical or magical powers. Eventually, the artifact (that the heroes wear around their neck, feels unusually heavy, tries to posess them, and influences the team split up permanently. Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
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