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Failures On Ice
A character tries skating. Failure, flailing and Hilarity Ensues.
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Silly pun, but so true.

We're slipping on the ice!
Just slipping on the ice!
For a fabulous pratfall
Just follow this advice!
Let your feet take a flip!
I've broken my hip!
We're slipping, and sliding, on the ice!
-The Warner Siblings, "Slipping on the Ice" - Animaniacs

Many works of fiction are set in the right place and right time for it to be cold enough to experience snow, and for lakes, ponds and the like to freeze over. There are also those stories set in and/or near ice-skating rinks. Naturally, either way, one character or another will want to try ice-skate on such a frozen body, or not, but is peer-pressured into doing so.

Fairly straightforward, until the character takes their first step onto the ice.

Expect a lot of imbalance, flailing, failing, struggling, shaking, frustration, hilarity and inevitable crashing. It very often ends up with an Epic Fail.

Note that, despite the name, the character does not have to be ice skating. It happens just as often with roller-skates.

Compare Epic Fail, and Frictionless Ice for the video game version of this trope. Contrast On Ice.

No Real Life Examples, Please!! The list would go on forever if we listed all Real Life examples.


Anime & Manga

  • Usagi in Sailor Moon had a lot of trouble skating in one episode.
  • Ranma Ranma proves to be less than usually competent on skates, which naturally leads him into a bout of Martial Arts Couples Ice Skating.
    • Ranma and Ryouga, in the first three episodes of the second season, and the manga they are adapted from, prove to be almost completely incompetent as ice-skaters. So bad is Ranma that he turns himself into a girl so that he's less embarassed... only to end up skidding into Pretty Boy Jerkass Mikado, who gives Ranma-chan her First Kiss.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura has an episode where she and her class go to a skating rink. While Sakura is good at rollerskating (she does this to school everyday) she is not good at skating on ice. The episode involves her learning how to do it, which comes in very handy given there's a Clow Card at the loose on the rink...


  • Sis in Katy Keene has done this, twice on covers. Katy Keene #27, and Pin-Up Parade #13.
    • In Katy Keene #45, Sis bring a hula hoop on the ice, and while Katy does it fine, poor Sis falls on her butt again.
  • There was an Archie Comics story where Jughead was trying to get his dog Hot Dog to skate with him because he refuses to skate with a girl. The instant Hot Dog gets on the ice, he starts slipping and wobbling around on the ice because he had weak ankles. It's subverted afterwards when Jughead fixes the problem by adding an extra ice skate to Hot Dog's tail, causing Hot Dog to become a skating ace, much to Jughead's chagrin.
  • In one strip of FoxTrot, Jason tries to rollerskate, but rolls down a hill and into a yard with a sign that says "Beware of Dog." Paige, naturally, enjoys this.
    Paige: I really need to write Gramma thanks for those roller-skates...
    • Jason is seen flailing and thrashing around on his ice skates before grabbing the wall for support. He then says that if he's that bad on the rubber mats, going on the actual ice should be interesting.
    • Jason gets hit with the short end of the stick again when Eileen invites him to go ice skating. He falls down twice.


  • Bambi, even though he wasn't wearing skates, had a hard time on the ice, despite the fact that other animals were skating around just fine.
  • Manny and Diego, as with the above example, weren't wearing skates in Ice Age, but struggled to stay standing whilst on a frozen lake. Meanwhile, Sid glided effortlessly around them in figure-eight shapes, all whilst carrying the baby.
  • In Cool Runnings the Jamaican bobsledders have a hard time learning to walk on ice.

Live-Action TV

  • On Happy Days the gang goes to a rollerskating rink, and Fonzie is very unsteady on his skates. He still tries to act cool though.
  • In the Sesame Street special Big Bird's Birthday, or Let Me Eat Cake BB's birthday party takes place at a roller rink. Snuffy is scared of falling down, but Big Bird coaxes him onto the rink. Oscar the Grouch is there as well - he likes watching people fall down.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Mac wins a chance to take a shot from center ice at a Flyers game, but he doesn't know how to skate. Despite that, he skates out perfectly and makes the shot. Actually, he fell as soon as he stepped onto the ice and imagined everything while unconscious.

Western Animation

  • In the opening of A Charlie Brown Christmas all the kids are ice skating and doing fine, until Snoopy gets on the ice and grabs Linus' Security Blanket, tossing him into a billboard.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Twilight tries to help score the ice so it will melt, but is so terrible at it, that she quickly loses control, and crashes into Pinkie Pie and Spike, who all then end up as a pony snowman.
  • An episode of Dragon Tales dealt with Zak and Wheezie learning how to ice skate, so that the gang could attend the birthday party of a seal who lives in said icy area.
  • In The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger sees Rabbit ice skating and decides to try it himself. He starts of pretty well, but soon gets into an uncontrollable spin which leads to him crashing into, of course, Rabbit. After this he decides Tiggers don't like ice skating.
  • On the Classic Disney Short "On Ice", this happens to Minnie Mouse (when Mickey is teaching her to skate) and to Pluto (when Donald ties skates on his paws while he's asleep and pushes him into the ice).
  • In the opening of The Critic, Jay steps onto the skating rink at Rockefeller Center and the ice cracks, sending everyone else tumbling.
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