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Immortal Red Shirt
When an immortal is killed to show the power of a attack
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Many works have a certain class of characters who have Immortality. As the story/series progresses, the creators want to add a weapon/attack/badass that is able to kill the immortals. The question is how do the creators introduce this weapon/attack/badass without disrupting the storyline. Enter the Immortal Red Shirt. This is a character who is introduced for the sole purpose of being killed off. If the weapon/attack/badass is on the heroes side, the Immortal Red Shirt will generally be a Jerkass. If the weapon/attack/badass is on the villain's side, The Immortal Red S Hirt will generally be The Woobie or the Sacrificial Lamb

  • Being Human (Remake) - Stevie, who was introduced as The Woobie ghost in Episode 1/Season 2 and Dylan who played the Jerkass ghost in Episode 2/Season 2 kill each other off while fighting over the main character. Sally.
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