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Broken Mirror
A cracked mirror can signify ones ugliness.
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Broken Mirrors can be considered a recurring visual motif. Mirrors (or any similar reflective surface) can be seen symbol of vanity. Characters who find satisfaction in their image often reassure themselves by looking into one. Mirrors also provide a way for a character to reflect—both figuratively or literally.

When a character deliberately breaks a mirror, it often shows what they think about themselves. Perhaps they think of themselves as ugly. Physically or mentally. Sometimes it's just a way to pound their emotional turmoil into something fragile.

If the mirror is already broken, yet it's reflecting onto a scene, it could indicate that something is very, very wrong with the world.


Supertrope is Please Reflect On This Index.

Other Examples:

Comic Books
  • In The Crow, after Eric comes back from the dead, he looks into a cracked mirror as he applies his famous facepaint.

  • Mother Gothel from Tangled is very vain. Before she is reduced to dust at the end after her Rapid Aging, the last we see of her is a second-long shot in the shards of the mirror Flynn used to cut Rapunzel's hair.

  • The album cover art for Kiss' Crazy Nights.

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