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Suspiciously Stealthy Predator
An animal-intelligence creature shows unlikely cunning in avoiding guns, cameras, or witnesses.
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The flip side to Super-Persistent Predator, this is what happens when a dangerous creature with the intellect and mindset of a wild animal, which has no business knowing what closed-circuit cameras, firearms, vehicles or other man-made devices are, nevertheless avoids these objects like the plague. This guarantees that the heroes who report it to the authorities will never be believed, as no photographic evidence exists to document its presence. The creature will know not to leave tracks, claw tree bark, or dump a load where it might be found, save by a master tracker who's escorting the heroes. Likewise, this trope ensures that the creature will consistently find unarmed victims (usually confirmed jerkasses or lone sexy females) to prey upon, even as the armed hunters, police, and/or soldiers scouring the woods for the mysterious threat walk right by without noticing. Sometimes clumsily justified as the creature disliking the smell of weapons or machinery, although it'll always lose that aversion in time for a climactic battle with the heroes.
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