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Action Fashionista
A {{Badass}} with a large wardrobe and little regard for uniformity.
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When ass-kicking needs a little variety.

Some people like to look good. Damn good. And they like to do it while they kick ass. Take a character with those traits and you've got the Action Fashionista.

The Action Fashionista is some type of Badass partly characterized by how vast their wardrobe is. While they may have a standardized costume or uniform, they almost never seem to wear it to its strictest definition. The vast majority of their screentime features them with completely different articles of clothing, or major alterations of the same outfit. (For example, what was a blouse in one scene has become a chainmail in a later scene, a mink coat in another, and a pink-and-white jacket in another.

This trope is reserved for characters who prefer a varied and unique wardrobe. It is not for plot-related costume changes (such as an Evil Costume Switch, Frills of Justice or Fanservice Pack). The character must also be an active Badass or Adventurer.

A subtrope of The Fashionista (naturally), and possibly of Stripperiffic, Costume Porn, Unlimited Wardrobe, Impossibly Cool Clothes, Custom Uniform of Sexy, and Impractically Fancy Outfit (especially if some of them are different outfits).

My possibly be Ms. Fanservice or Mr. Fanservice. Possibly used as a means to show off that they're a Cultured Badass.

May necessitate Changing Clothes Is a Free Action or Clothing Combat.


Anime & Manga
  • Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail is constantly seen changing outfits throughout the series and while she mostly prefers adventuring in her blue-and-white default, she has been prone to wear whatever is convenient.
    • Another one of these in Fairy Tail is Erza Scarlett, who has over 100 outfits, and has the ability to rapidly switch between the (very fancy) powered armors she stores in Hammerspace.
  • Uryu Ishida in Bleach, who is a seamster. There's even a gag which demonstrates that he brought a change of clothes into Hueco Mundo!
  • Also Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. Her best friend Tomoyo is explicitly stated to make Sakura a new costume for every single clow card incident, (of which there are fifty two clow cards, though a few were caught in the same chapter/episode).

  • Founding Avenger and Ant-Man co-star Janet Van Dyne (aka "The Wasp") constantly makes alterations to her costume. Justified in-universe, as Wasp actually is a fashionista.
  • All of the kids from Runaways.


  • Inquisitor Amberly Vail from the Ciaphas Cain novels has an enormous amount of various outfits and disguises. Cain suspects she adopts them for fun as much as for subtly.
  • Malveria from Lonely Werewolf Girl books. Her species has Fashionista as its Hat. She has several dragonskin outfits made from the dragons she has personally slain, and although she acts like a high-class ditz most of the time, she occasionally likes to remind everyone she earned the right to do so by personally wiping her enemies from existence in combat.

Video Games

  • Robert Garcia (pictured) and Athena Asamiya from the King of Fighters series, as both change their outfits with nearly every installment. Athena even goes so far as to invoke this trope as one of her HDM's, which has her magically change into each of her outfits along with each hit.

Western Animation

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