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When a Let's Player chooses to end a project due to loss of commentary/video issues.
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If a television programme is being regularly broadcast, there is always a chance something might go wrong. For example, the first season of Doctor Who was great, but then William Hartnell ended up having some health issues; the regenerating doctor idea was thus formed.

In radio dramas that go some years without being broadcast, this can end up occurring as well. For example, while when the tertiary phase of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy began the majority of the original cast was still alive, the narrator was not. So they used the excuse that they "upgraded the system" and cycled between the voices of the old and new narrators for a while.

This also has occurred many a time in a Let's Play. How this is handled differs between the Let's Player. Some may decide to record post-commentary and others may rerecord that portion of the game. But another solution has seemingly begun to take favour in more recent years: put up the incomplete footage, and bring the tires of the Let's Play to a screeching halt.

This kind of response to a situation where one has misplaced the commentary tends to obtain mixed responses. Some may have a "No skin off my back" reaction, and others a "Do something, you fool" reaction. No matter the response, this is a leading cause of halted Let's Plays.


  • Mr Canadian Donut's long-running LP of the Phoenix Wright series came to a screeching halt when he goofed and messed with a new recording program. He uploaded the incomplete footage and then ended the LP.

  • jay012345678912's unexpected return to The Sims 3 was cut short when he goofed prior to recording a long hour-and-a-half segment. He uploaded the footage (sans commentary) and then ended the LP.

  • Tamashii Hiroka's LP of POKéMON Platinum came to a screeching halt do to technical difficulties. Only two parts ended up being uploaded.

  • Tharthan's LP of Mario Tennis had technical issues from the start, but episodes 1-5 were uploaded anyway. Episode 6 was recorded, but (as of yet) has not been uploaded.
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