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Sliding Scale of Acceptable Nudity
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In order of most acceptable to least. These are more guidelines then rules as exceptions always exist. It should be noted that this is primarily from a western cultural perspective as sometimes Our Nudity Is Different.

Level 9

Baby butt

Can't make a diaper commercial without one. Said commercial could air at just about any time slot. The bare behind of a baby in the west is pretty universally considered adorable rather then obscene.

Level 8

Hand or Object Underwear

Modesty Towel

suitable even for children's cartoons provided there are no sexual undertones. If there are sexual undertones the worst rating is usually a TV-14.

Level 7

Animated Butts

Often TV-14 generally not taken seriously especially if there are no sexual overtones.

Level 6

Censor Steam

Modesty Bedsheet

Generally only seen in programing rated above TV-14 as these tropes almost always carry a sexual overtone.

Level 5

Toplessness from the Back

Side Boob

Thong of Shielding

Pretty squarely in the TV-14 domain. Sometimes can push TV-MA. In movies this tends to be PG-13.

Level 4

Actual Ass

Mandatory PG-13 rating. Rarely seen on TV other then premium channels.

Nipple and Dimed

Fully exposed breasts almost always carry an R-Rating. They can only be seen on premium channels like HBO.

Level 3


Full frontal female nudity in movies or premium television will usually feature pubic hair, a lot of it. In fact the actress is usually wearing a pair of flesh tone panties with fake pubic hair on it. This can sometimes incur an NC-17 rating. Interestingly enough it used to be that pubic hair was considered obscene and therefore was omitted from works of art. As a result the hairless female crotch became sexualized and the paradigm was reversed.

Level 2

Male Frontal Nudity

Varies depending on context but if it is not a work of art or cartoon it is generally restricted more heavily then the above. It's a known fact that censors can only tolerate so much dick before they slap it with an NC-17

Level 1


The real thing, no fake pubes blocking the view of the defining female sex organ. This almost guarantees an NC-17. Even premium channels use this sparingly. It often comes up in HBO shows such as Game of Thrones and East Bound Down.

Level 0

Full Penetration

Usually reserved for pornography however a few infamous movies have thrown it in.
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