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Fan Animation

Animations created by fans

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A fan-animation (also spelled "fan animation" and "fananimation") is what happens when a fanartist decides to put their pictures into motion.

Fan-animations are typically original animations. Some are based on other fanfics while others are music videos.

Most animations are either hand-drawn or computer-drawn, however using Miku Miku Dance is also an alternative for people who want to create All CGI Cartoons easily.

Fan-animations are usually ignored by publishers and creators, and they may be even encouraged or praised, but sometimes they're met with cease-and-desist orders. However, this usually only occurs when animators try to make a profit off of fan-animations or when they're too sexual.

Compare to Fan-Art, Fanvid, and Fanfic.

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    Popular Terms 
  • "MAP" refers to a "Multi-Animator Project". Not to be confused with a MEP, which is a similar term used by Fan Vidders. A "MAP" is an animation where several animators each do different parts.
  • A "PMV" is a "Picture Music Video". Not to be confused with the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's fandom's usage (Pony Music Video), which usually refers to Fan Vids. They're usually lumped in with fan-animations, however they don't actually include much, if any, actual animation. PMVs are commonly Lyric Videos.
  • Some animesque fan-animations can also be considered Fanime, however the term "fanime" is usually used to describe original works done in an "anime" style.
  • In Japan, there is a sort of fan-animation known as the "MAD" (which can also apply to Fanvids). MADs usually contain still-images instead of proper animations.

    Fandoms With A Large Amount of Fan Animations 
  • Homestuck: The fandom has a lot of PMVs and fan-animations.
  • Warrior Cats: Warriors fanfics are common, however fan-art and fan-animations are more popular. MAPs are the most common, however some artists do entire fan-animations on their own. Fan-animations for the other Erin Hunter works are extremely rare.
  • Hamilton: Most are animations of the soundtrack.
  • Gravity Falls: Most are of the PMV variety but animations also exist.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Bronies refer to them as "PMVs" (pony music videos, not to be confused with picture music videos), which is a term also used for Fan Vids.
  • Furry Fandom: Most MAPs that aren't outright Warrior Cats related feature animal characters, either because the artist is a furry or because Furries Are Easier to Draw.
  • Heathers: The fandom has a lot of animations based on the musical adaptation.
  • Vocaloid: Almost all Vocaloid songs and animations are fan-creations.

    Notable Fan Animations 

Comic Books
  • A fan-animation of the most popular Sonic the Comic arc was announced however hit Development Hell before it could finish. Only a small portion is known to exist.



Music Video

  • An animator at Disney created a Disney-styled storyboard for "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. They wished Disney would adapt it, however (assuming it gets out of Development Hell) Wicked is almost guaranteed to be a live action film by Universal. Though, not too soon later they kind of got their wish with Frozen.

Video Games

Western Animation
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