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Healing Herb
A magical plant cures
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A plant has a power to cure all sorts of wounds and act as the Magic Antidote.

One of the favorite forms of an external healing source, close to Healing Potion, of which it may be one ingredient. Among its other advantages, it can make a good MacGuffin. It can also show a person is close to nature and even symbolize that nature makes characters well.

A certain amount of Truth in Television: many plants are the root source of medicines. However, in Real Life, they are not Magic Antidotes, and like drugs derived from them can have side-effects, something quite serious. In fiction, more likely to be a Panacea. See also Fantastic Fruits and Vegetables.



Live-Action TV
  • In Merlin, Gaius' second-most common explanation as to where Merlin is is that he is out collecting herbs for him. There are other times when Merlin actually does go out to collect the rare herb needed to heal an important patient.

Tabletop RPG
  • Iron Crown Enterprises' games (such as Rolemaster and Middle-earth Role Playing ) and settings (such as Shadow World) had many types of healing herbs, including ones to restore lost hits, cure diseases and poisons and heal specific types of damage.
  • Dungeons & Dragons.
    • Dragon magazine #82 article "Wounds and Weeds" listed in-game healing benefits from 12 different Real Life plants, including comfrey, garlic and woundwort.
    • Dragon magazine #269 article "Herbcraft: Expanding the Herbalism Proficiency" had new uses for the Herbalism NWP as well as 21 fictional herbs and descriptions of their properties.
    • 2nd Edition introduced the Herbalism non-weapon proficiency, which allowed characters to heal using herbs.

  • In John Milton's Comus, the attendent spirit tells of a shepherd lad who knows these.
    a certain shepherd lad,
    Of small regard to see to, yet well skilled
    In every virtuous plant and healing herb
    That spreads her verdant leaf to the morning ray.
  • In William Shakespeare's Alls Well That Ends Well, Helena's knowledge of a herb is enough to cure the king.

Video Games
  • In the first Jade Cocoon game, Calabas Herb is a MacGuffin needed to cure some villagers of a sleeping curse; the sequel downgrades it to a more common healing item.
  • Pokémon has several varities of healing herb, including a revival herb. But they come with a price-they're very bitter and lower the Pokemon's friendship. Not a problem in some cases, but if you're trying to get something like Golbat, Pichu or Togepi to evolve, or if you want to max someone's friendship for a move tutor visit (some tutors like Drayden will only teach when frienship's maxed) you have to watch it.
  • The Resident Evil games have healing herbs, and different types can be combined to create new effects.
  • Both Simba and Tarzan use a renamed Cure spell called Healing Herb in the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • The entire Star Ocean series uses berries and herbs as healing devices. All it takes to restore 20% of your life in the heat of battle with the ultimate evil bent on destroying all existence are a couple of blueberries.

  • Every game in the Grandia series contains several examples. The first game alone contains herbs, health weed, rainbow weed, ginseng, and the white and red sulfa weeds, the latter of which is a MacGuffin which is needed to treat a sick NPC.
  • Each of the Breath of Fire games except for Dragon Quarter contains a healing item called Herb or Healing Herb.
  • In Alundra, herbs are the weakest available recovery item, but also the one of which it's possible to hold the largest amount at a time.
  • Both Lunar: The Silver Star and Lunar: Eternal Blue contain herbs and healing nuts as HP recovery items.
  • Azure Dreams contains a plethora of herbs and fruits which convey various effects on one's stats. The most basic are the medicinal herb, which recovers HP, and the pita fruit, which recovers a monster's MP. There's also one named the Healing Herb which can only be found on a particular floor and functions as a MacGuffin to heal the game's Ill Girl.
  • In Vagrant Story, the low tier recovery items are healing roots and healing bulbs for HP, and mana roots and mana bulbs for MP.
  • The Wild Arms series traditionally uses berries for HP recovery items (heal berry, potion berry, and mega berry, from weakest to strongest,) and magic carrots for MP recovery. The KO-recovery item is the revive fruit, and all the stat increasing items are apples.
  • In the Suikoden games, the basic recovery item is "medicine," but in the third game, it's possible to collect "medicine" of all the various grades simply by picking leaves off certain plants. Considering that all the Suikoden games are set in a single highly consistent setting and timeline, it's probable that the "medicine" is simply medicinal herbs in every case.
  • In Illusion of Gaia, Herbs, which restore 8 HP, are the game's only healing item. You'll be seeing a lot of these, but considering that the total number in the game is strictly limited, never quite enough.
  • The original Dragon Quest contains the "medicinal herb", which is likely the reason that having such items in Eastern role playing games is more the rule than the exception. It continues to appear in each installment of the Dragon Quest series.

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