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"The smell was bad, but Kronski acted like he was dying. But what Holly did not grasp was the power of the doctor's awakened sense of smell. Imagine the joy of seeing for the first time, or the euphoria of a first step. Then square that feeling and make it negative. Take a ball of poison, dip it in thorns and manure, wrap it in a poultice of festering bandages, boil the whole lot in a cauldron of unspeakably vile excretions, and shove it up your nose. This is what Kronski could smell, and it was driving him out of his mind."

In real life, people will sometimes lose, or are born without, a certain sense. Fiction will take this a step further, giving characters little to no emotions whatsoever. Regardless of what exactly they cannot feel, if such a character suddenly gains whatever sense or emotion they were missing, they are often overwhelmed by it. Depending on the feeling, the character can experience incredible pain, confusion, an In-Universe Catharsis, or even Go Mad from the Revelation.

There is some Truth in Television, as recent studies have shown that formerly blind people who have their sight restored are often unable to process what they see for a long time, and will prefer to still rely on their senses they used whilst blind.

Contrast with That Makes Me Feel Angry, where a character experiences a certain emotion that they usually don't and Not So Stoic, where a seemingly serious person was actually just bottling their emotions up. Can overlap with What Is This Feeling? and What Is This Thing You Call Love?.


Anime and Manga
  • In The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon discovers that Emotionless Girl Yuki Nagato set the whole plot in motion by developing emotions and, unable to deal with them, stole Haruhi's powers and remade the world. Kyon even reflects that the fact that she was designed without emotions made her reaction to developing them that much greater.

  • After John Preston goes off his meds in Equilibrium and starts experiencing emotions for the first time, he has a very difficult time keeping a stoic expression, and breaks down into tears the first time he hears music while not having his emotions suppressed.

  • In Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox, villain Damon Kronski was born unable smell anything. So when Holly restores his sense in a particularly fowl smelling Souk, he is left writhing on the floor, clawing at his nose. (See page quote)

Web Original
  • In Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Captain Hammer experiences pain for the first time, and promptly runs away crying.
    Captain Hammer: I'm in pain... I think this is what pain feels like!

Real Life
  • As stated above, reports have shown that that formerly blind people who have their sight restored are often unable to process what they see and are constantly confused by it.

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