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Cyborgs Are Nudists
Cyborgs don't wear clothes.
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In fiction, many cyborg who are mostly synthetic don't wear clothes. This makes sense if they don't have any visible genitals or other parts of the body that are taboo to show. This often has a dehumanizing effect on the character, showing how far on the machine side they are on the human-machine spectrum. For this reason, cyborgs whose artificial parts are limited to Artificial Limbs generally stick to clothes, as they're still mostly on the human side of the spectrum.

On a meta level, the lack of clothes means that the audience can easily identify the character by their mechanical parts. If the character does wear clothes, this is usually to set up a Robotic Reveal down the line.


  • Major Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell. This is most likely used as a dehumanizing factor, although there are also justified reasons, such as her cloaking not applying to clothing, and requiring to be nude during repair and maintenance. Though Mokoto is a relatively human character, no amount of reverence appears to be given to her cyborg body. Dehumanization portrayed through apathy-towards-nudity generally extends to other cyborgs.


  • Averted in Soon I Will Be Invincible, where the female cyborg has her mechanisms inspected by the Batman analog. Averted in that, while she has to strip almost naked, she feels quite self-conscious about it, while Batman-ish affirms the trope by appearing to view her as technology and not A Woman.

Live-Action TV
  • Cybermen from Doctor Who, given the level of integration.

Video Games

Western Animation

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